CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason announced the filing of Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Aggravated Burglary, and Having Weapons While Under Disability charges against 17-year-old

Ismael Irizarry for the murder of 51-year-old Daniel Higgins.

On August

17, 2007, Ismael Irizarry, then 16, and Gabriel Feliciano, 17, attempted

to burglarize Daniel Higgin’s house located at 5815 Lawn Avenue,

Cleveland. When they attempted to enter through door, Higgins looked out

the window. Irizarry fired a shot through the window, striking Higgins

in the eye and killing him.

Irizarry has two pending cases in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Irizarry burglarized a house located at 3497 W. 58th Street on April 29,

2007 and then again on August 23, 2007. Feliciano was present during the

April burglary. Feliciano’s finger-print was found at the scene which

led to his arrest. Feliciano gave a recorded statement to detectives in

early May 2007. That statement implicated both him and Irizarry in the

April burglary. On or about September 5, 2007, the statement was played

for the defense attorney of Irizarry. Approximately two weeks later,

Feliciano was found dead.

On or about September 23, 2007, while on bond from Juvenile Court for

the burglary he and Feliciano committed on April 29, 2007, Irizarry

lured Feliciano into a secluded area in Brookside Park near Ridge Road

in Cleveland. Irizarry shot Feliciano in the head and disposed of the

body by dragging it in a drain pipe in Brookside Park. The body was

found on October 3, 2007.

Irizarry was first tried for the murder of Feliciano and then tried for

the burglaries. On September 30, 2008, a jury found Irizarry guilty of

one (1) count of Aggravated Murder with gun specifications for the

murder of Gabriel Feliciano. On October 22, 2008, a jury found Irizarry

guilty of one (1) count of Theft, one (1) count of Theft of Motor

Vehicle, and two (2) counts of Burglary for the two burglaries at 3497

West 58th Street on April 29, 2007 and August 23, 2007.